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The Global Energy and
Water Cycle Experiment

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) initiated the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment in 1988. GEWEX is an integrated program of research, observations, and science activities ultimately leading to the prediction of global and regional climate which is directed by four objectives: 1) To determine the hydrological cycle and energy fluxes by means of global measurements of atmospheric and surface properties. 2) To model the global hydrological cycle and its impact on the atmosphere, oceans and land surfaces. 3) To develop the ability to predict the variations of regional and global hydrological processes and water resources, and their response to environmental change. 4) To advance the development of observing techniques, data management and assimilation systems for operational application to long-range weather forecasts, hydrology, and climate predictions.

The GEWEX Hydrometeorology Panel (GHP) coordinates the scientific issues related to the development and implementation of the Continental Scale Experiments (CSEs). The GHP focus is to demonstrate skill in predicting changes in water resources and soil moisture on time scales up to seasonal and annual as an integral part of the climate system. GEWEX consists of six Continental-Scale Experiments: 1) GCIP, 2) MAGS, 3) BALTEX, 4) GAME, 5) CATCH-Sahel, and 6) LBA. GAME is divided into four field-based regional experiments: GAME-Siberia, GAME-Huaihe River Basin Experiment (HUBEX), GAME-Tibet, and GAME-Tropics.

(Information gathered from (GEWEX home page) Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment.

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